"My scalp is really itchy, and why am I losing more hair?"

How to overcome the perils of winter on your scalp and hair.


Hey Golden Valley!!


 It's Jamie from the Beauty Lab... Now that we are in full swing of the winter season, I get a lot of the same questions and concerns. "My scalp is really itchy, and why am I losing more hair?"

There are many different answers to each problem that comes up in the winter, I will just address the most common ones.

Scalps and skin tend to mimic the weather.. In the summer, it tends to have more moisture because there is more moisture in the air. So reversly, in the winter, skin and scalp tend to be more dry with the air being dryer. A simple solution is to change your shampoo and conditioner in the winter to something a little more moisturizing. If you are getting just dry little flakes of skin from your scalp, that should do the trick. If your scalp is releasing larger, scalier pieces of skin, I suggest a regimen that has more exfoliating qualities. (We have a great one here at the Beauty Lab)  Also, try not to wash your hair as often in the winter season. I know that is not an option for some people, and thats ok, but if you can allow the natural oils of your scalp to do what they are meant to do, it will reduce the amount of dryness that is caused by some hair care products.

Which leads me to the next seasonal problem that arises a lot.

Hair loss is common in EVERYONE! On average, one loses about 100 hairs a day. Things that could make that number "seem" like more would be, not washing your hair often enough, wearing ponytails more often (if your hair is long enough), having curly hair with lots of product in it, or infrequent brushing.

People with longer hair tend to notice their 'hair shedding' more than people with short hair simply because the strand is longer. So if you are growing your hair out, you might be noticing it more than before.

 Infrequent brushing and wearing ponytails more often are big culprits too. In the winter, we like to stay snuggled in our beds as long as possible, and sometimes that means it's a pony tail or pinned up hair kind of day. By not brushing your hair before you put it up, the hairs that are naturally shed throughout the night aren't released from the rest of the hair. Then while your hair is tied up all day, all the hairs that would have naturally released themselves can't go anywhere but stay in your style. So when you take your hair down at the end of the night and brush through it, it feels like you lost a lot more than what would be considered normal.

Bottom line is, unless you are feeling like the 'normal' thickness of your hair has changed, DO NOT BE WORRIED. Hair shedding is completely normal.

Hopefully that was able to ease some of your concerns.


As always here at The Beauty Lab, we wish you Happiness, Love and Joy!



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