VIDEO: Perpich Student Produces First Film

Perpich Center for Arts Education student Adam Jacobs' first feature-length film, "Weekend Hat," will debut this fall.

Adam Jacobs is only 17 years old, but you wouldn't know it.

After watching the trailer of his first feature-length movie, "Weekend Hat," he's more like a Hollywood veteran.

Jacobs, a senior at has always been crazy about movies. When he was in fourth grade, he started toying with stop-motion animation, a type of film making that's known for it's time consuming manipulation of still objects.

"My dad was a photographer, so he always had a camera around," Jacobs said of his childhood. "I discovered very early on that I wanted to be a film maker."

And film maker, he is.

Jacobs is a few scenes and editing sessions away from completing his first film, titled "Weekend Hat." The movie, which he hopes will be 90 minutes long when it's complete, is about a high school senior's last weekend before graduation. 

"It's really about a shy kid who's not in control of his life," Jacobs explained. "But during his last weekend in high school, he becomes a hero."

Izak Kelsey-Freiedeman, a senior at Perpich Center for Arts Education and an actor in the movie, shares Jacob's excitement for the film.

"I'm kind of a nerd in the film," Kelsey-Freiedeman said. "I'm actually a visual artist, but my dad always wanted me to be in theater."

Kelsey-Freiedeman isn't the only student in the film. In fact, the entire movie involves students from Perpich Center for Arts Education. Some of the music for the film comes from Color Tab, a school band, and Luke Davidson, a student, is in a starring role.

"We're high-schoolers and we made a movie," Jacobs said. "I don't think that's been done before. I'm very grateful that so many people have been able to help out."

Jacobs hopes to finish his film in September, just in time to submit it to Sundance Film Festival.

As for life after high school, Jacobs and Kelsey-Freiedeman have lofty goals.

"I guess life starts after high school," Kelsey-Freiedeman said. "It'd be super if Warner Brothers wanted to give me a contract to make a movie," Jacobs laughed. "I'd definitely say 'yes.'"


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