Teachers Learn iPad in the Classroom

School may be out for most students, but their teachers are heading back to the classroom at Perpich.

Most students are finished with school for the summer, but their teachers are still doing a lot of learning.

On Wednesday, teachers from around the state will gather at the in Golden Valley for a day long workshop to teach them how to use the iPad in the classroom. The workshop is geared at Visual Arts and Media Arts instructors and will focus on the potential and implications of iPad use in their classes.

The iPad has the potential to revolutionize teaching and learning, and boosting student achievement in the process. Most of the teachers come from districts that provide them with technological tools, such as the iPad, but not necessarily the professional development to learn how to effectively integrate the tools into
the curriculum and their teaching practice. The workshop is geared at showing the educators the benefits and challenges associated with the iPad.

The workshop was originally capped at 20 participants, but the response was so great that the event was expanded to allow more teachers and administrators to attend.  Some of the participants will not know much beyond how to turn on the device, while others already have experience working with the iPad.

The group will include teachers from the MACCRAY (Maynard, Clara City and Raymond consolidated district) and Little Falls school districts; both districts will provide iPads for ALL  middle and high school students next year.

Those students will use the device to create art, complete assignments, and use it as a digital text book that can include images, animations, virtual tours, three dimensional explorations of such things as human biology.

The workshop will be led by Jenn Nelson, an accomplished technology integrationist with the Eden Prairie Public Schools and a much sought after presenter. Jeremy Holien, Visual and Media Art Education Coordinator at the Perpich Center, will work with the group as well.


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