SEA Students Launch Pumpkins During Fall Festival

The School of Engineering and Arts students used engineering skills to launch and drop pumpkins during their Fall Festival celebration.

The children in Mrs. Pitkin's kindergarten class were excited, to say the least, during class on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

That's because they were engaged in an experiment where they had to use their engineering skills to figure out how to make a pumpkin safely land on the floor after rolling it off a table.

Later in the afternoon, children in first through fifth grade took the experiment one step further by launching pumpkins from the roof top of the School of Engineering and Arts (SEA).

"The kids actually designed a capsule that the pumpkins are in," Principal Kim Heil told Patch. "And they are going to see what pumpkins can remain intact after being catapulted from the roof."

Using engineering skills in the classroom is part of everyday life at SEA.

Every school in District 281 focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM), but students at the School of Engineering and the Arts live and breathe those topics.

Do you have photos from the pumpkin event at SEA? Upload them here!


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