Robbinsdale Area Schools See Decline in ACT Scores

School board documents show that Robbinsdale students who graduated in 2012 had an average composite ACT score of 22. For the last five years, average composite scores have been 22.4 or higher.

At a meeting tonight, school board members from Robbinsdale Area Schools will listen to a presentation by Gayle Walkowiak, executive director of teaching and learning, about the district's ACT scores.

According to school board documents, while more Robbinsdale Area Schools students are taking college readiness courses than ever before, the average ACT composite scores have declined.

Over the last five years, ISD 281 students have maintained an average composite score of 22.4 or higher. When looking at the ACT performance of the 2012 graduating class, the average test score was 22. 

"The declines were seen in all four subject areas with slightly more decline in English scores and slightly less decline in math scores," Walkowiak said in documents. "A closer look at the data indicate that a substantial portion of these declines were due to changes in the scores of female students."

While it's too early to say if the decline in female scores is a trend, the issue is something that will be monitored and reviewed again next year.

The Minnesota ACT average score is 22.8, a number that Walkowiak says is hard to reach. Robbinsdale Area Schools students exceed the national average by almost one point.

Robbinsdale Area Schools October 24, 2012 at 02:54 PM
The percent of district ACT students taking the ACT "Core Courses" has increased significantly over the past years, and our district now suppasses the nation in the percent of students taking the core - defined as 4 or more years of English, and three years or more of Social Studies, Science and Math. In addition, there has been a large increase of students from all ethnic background taking the core courses as well - for instance, the percent of African American students taking core courses has increase from 44% in 2008 to 87% in 2012.


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