Plymouth M.S. EA Gets Top Recognition

Victoria Arabanos was named the 2012 Educational Assistant of the Year for District 281.

, an Academic Behavior Support supervisor at was named the district’s 2012 Educational Assistant of the Year.

Arabanos, with past experience serving in the military, brings a strong example of leadership, confidence, discipline and character to her students, serving as a supervisor for In-School Suspension (ISS) at PMS. 

“I have supervised ISS for ten years,” said Arabanos in her screening survey.“Over the years, I have learned the most important technique of all is the ability to listen and read between the lines, so to speak, when dealing with students.  I allow them to tell me in their words the reason they are in ISS, and help them discern what went wrong through a step-by-step process.”

Self-reflection is something that Victoria talks about often with students. She understands the challenges of raising children in today’s society, and wants to help them persevere through difficult times. She also understands the importance of connecting with schools, having served in various volunteer positions as an assistant coach for the STEP team at Sandburg and PMS, for cheerleading, theatre arts, and, currently, rugby.

Arabanos regularly stays after school to tutor students who are struggling in specific areas.  She also currently serves as Vice President for Education Assistants in Robbinsdale Area Schools, and she loves her job.

“Not only do we as Educational Assistants provide academic support,” Arabanos said. “we also act as liaisons within our community.  We instill a sense of hope, caring, and compassion for all of our students…each and every day, one student at a time.”

Arabanos will represent Robbinsdale Area Schools at the 2013 Education Minnesota EA of the Year competition.

(Information provided by a Robbinsdale Area Schools press release.)


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