New Employees at Robbinsdale Schools

At a board meeting on Monday night, the Robbinsdale School Board officially accepted the new hire of 20 new employees into the school district.

Twenty new faces are walking the halls in Robbinsdale School District buildings this year. At their meeting last night, by approving the consent agenda, the Robbinsdale School Board officially accepted the new hires into the district.

Here's the list of new teachers and employees:

Meadow Lake

  • Sandra J. Warren
  • Angela Cullinen
  • Angela Cullinen

Robbinsdale Armstrong High School

  • Ahmet Akyol
  • Aaron Nickel

Robbinsdale Cooper High School

  • Tazha Buckner
  • Mary Gunderson

 Robbinsdale Middle School

  • David Flannery
  • Kevin B. Hill 
  • Dawn Pettit
  • David Krueger 

Forest Elementary School

  • Elsa Littel

Neill Elementary School

  • Mary Mark

Robbinsdale Transition Center

  • Susan McCrary
  • Aaron Nickel

Sonnesyn Elementary School

  • Nicole Norlander

Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School

  • Wendy Schreiner
  • Jeffrey S. Timm

Plymouth Middle School

  • Erin Thein

Floating Between Schools

  • Emily Pflaum
  • Tiffany Ramm 

Northport Elementary School

  • Mary Taris


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