Meadowbrook, Mayor Harris Celebrate New Flag Pole

Mayor Shep Harris and Meadowbrook Principal Greta Evans-Becker raised the flag on a new flag pole last week.

On Oct. 2,  Golden Valley Mayor Shep Harris and Meadowbrook principal Greta Evans-Becker raised the flag for the first time up their new flagpole in front of the Ronald B. Davis Community Center, attached to the elementary school. 

The golden-tipped pole represented collaboration between Meadowbrook Elementary and the city of Golden Valley. The two parties share the Community Center - Meadowbrook using the facility during the day and the city mostly using it in the evenings.

During the ceremony, Mayor Harris gave a short speech to the sea of students and faculty about the significance of the pole. He addressed the students, "Every time you walk by this flag, definitely think about yourself...but also think about your community...it's about making it a better place to live."

After the flag made its first journey to the top of the pole, students inaugurated it with the "Pledge of Allegiance" and a fantastic rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner".

The outpouring of support from the school, city, and community added to the pride of seeing the flag flying at the top of the brand new pole.

Information provided by Hopkins Public Schools.


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