City Council Welcomes New Principals in Golden Valley

Two principals shared their excitement to be in Golden Valley.

Two new Golden Valley principals were welcomed by the City Council at their meeting Sept. 4, which also marked the first day of school for many residents.

Kim Hiel, principal of the new School of Engineering and Arts magnet school, and Jane Byrne, principal of , were both recognized.

“I’m very happy to be at Noble Elementary School,” Bryne said. "It’s a beautiful school and a great neighborhood.”

Councilmember Joanie Clausen shared Byrne’s excitement. “I went to Noble Elementary School the first year it was built, and my children also went there,” Clausen said. “Welcome to our neighborhood.”

Hiel has been in the Robbinsdale School District for 18 years. Most recently, she was the principal of Meadow Lake Elementary School. “We have been so welcomed by Golden Valley,” Hiel said. “We look forward to a lot of connections in the future.”

Mayor Harris presented both principals with a City of Golden Valley pin and mug. “We look forward to having a nice, long relationship between the city and the schools.”


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