Water Quality Pond Could Come to Lakeview Park

At their meeting on Tuesday night, the Golden Valley City Council will review plans to create a water quality pond in Lakeview Park.

As part of their capital improvements plan for 2013, the Basset Creek Watershed Management Commission wants to construct a water quality pond in Lakeview Park. On Tuesday night, the Golden Valley City Council will review the proposal.

According to council documents, in the 1960s, Lakeview Park was mostly a wetland. Today, a portion of the park is home to standing water, wet grasses and is mostly unusable. A water quality pond would direct storm water into one source.

"Water quality ponds are frequently designed as amenities in new neighborhoods," the Basset Creek Watershed Management Commission said in documents. "The pond proposed for Lakeview Park could serve as an amenity to the park and surrounding development or redevelopment."

Most people think that bodies of water will create mosquito breeding grounds, though that's mostly untrue.

According to Lakeview Park water quality documents, "West Nile Virus and storm water management facilities suggests that wet meadows or semi-permanent wetlands are the ideal conditions for mosquito development. Typical storm water ponds with large areas of open water are poorer habitat for mosquito breeding."

If the water quality pond is constructed, it would have a maximum depth of eight feet and would be built with landscaping and a potential walking path.

What do you think? Should a pond be constructed in Lakeview Park? Tell us in the comments!

susan October 02, 2012 at 11:28 AM
a description of the location of this park and proposed holding pond would have been a good detail to include in this article.
Valerie Engler October 02, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Susan, check in tomorrow after the City Council reviews this tonight. We'll have more details after presentations are made. Feel free to click on the "council documents" link for very detailed information.


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