TONIGHT: City Looks to Approve Legislative Policies, Adopt Capital Improvement Program

The Golden Valley City Council will review the City's capital improvement program and 2013 legislative policies, which include positions on Highway 169 construction, the sale of passports and funding for Douglas Drive reconstruction.

Capital improvement program details, legislative positions and resident recognitions, among other things, will keep Golden Valley City Councilmembers busy during their Dec. 4 meeting.

Capital Improvement Program

According to council documents, City Finance Director Sue Vernig will ask councilmembers to adopt Golden Valley's capital improvement program. The five year financial planning instrument is used to identify needed capital improvements which usually exceed $10,000 in cost.

The Golden Valley Planning Commission recommended approval to the program during their Oct. 22 meeting.

According to the 2013-2017 capital improvement program, the reconstruction of Douglas Drive will be addressed over the course of five years, in addition to other various projects.

In total, documents show that, from 2013 to 2017, the Douglas Drive reconstruction project will cost $19,991,700 with $1,571,100 slated to be spent in 2013.

Legislative Policies

According to council documents, for a number of years, Golden Valley has adopted legislative priorities as a way to communicate local legislative positions with area legislators and the public.

For 2013, legislative policies include:

  • Working to sell and process passports from Golden Valley's DMV again
  • Working to secure funding for the Douglas Drive reconstruction project
  • Working with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to identify capacity improvements needs to the Highway 169 corridor in Golden Valley

When Golden Valley's DMV closed last April due to an issue with a Golden Valley motor vehicle licensing employee, the City didn't know that the closure would impact their ability to sell and process passports.

According to the U.S. Department of State's rules on processing passports, which were set in 2010, no new agencies are permitted to sell passports. In a document prepared by Assistant City Manager Chantell Knuass, when the DMV reopened in July, the Minneapolis Passport Agency "denied the city's ability to re-issue passports based on the proximity the the nearest DMV."

"This is a matter of fairness for the community and businesses of Golden Valley," Knuass said in documents. "City residents and those who use the DMV services should not be punished due to some short-lived activity and delays of other individuals or state agencies."

To see a full listing of City Council agenda items, including details of the capital improvement plan and legislative policies, click here.


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