POLL: Bottineau Transitway, For or Against?

The Golden Valley City Council voted against the transitway coming through the city. Was it the right move? You tell us.

The Bottineau Transitway is a hot topic as the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority contemplates the best route to connect Minneapolis to the northwest suburbs. The transitway, which could be a rapid bus route or light rail, could end up traveling through Golden Valley. However, a recent decision by the Golden Valley City Council could alter the plans.

The to run the transitway through the city several weeks ago. Council members believed the transitway, which would run near Theodore Wirth Park, would disturb green space. Other council members said they would like to see different spots selected for transit stops.

We want to know your thoughts. Take our online poll and tell us what you think. Do you think the city council did the right thing by voting against the proposed plan? Why or why not? Do you support the transitway if it comes through Golden Valley?


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