Pastor: Withholding Marriage Rights is a 'Tragic Misuse of Our Electoral Process'

Richfield resident Rev. Dr. Robyn Provis says the proposed marriage amendment is a solution without a problem in the following Letter to the Editor.

Dear Editor,

I doubt I’m alone in being tired of the political rhetoric this election season. Spin doctors are actively a part of our culture. We say veal to distract us from the reality that we’re eating baby cows. We say faux instead of fake because fake is less marketable. And November 6 we will vote on the so called “defense of marriage act.” By spinning it that marriage needs defending, proponents hope to sell it as the opposite of what it really is: discrimination dressed up in fearful rhetoric. Marriage is not a zero sum proposition! Amending our state's constitution is a solution without a problem. Even a school child knows the constitution was created to protect the rights of its citizens, not take them away.  

The only justification for fighting this hard to codify discrimination is that this particular discrimination is religiously based. It is a clear violation of the separation of church and state when the religious world view of some, become the basis for law. The irony is that the same people who are fighting for less government are trying to put government where it doesn’t belong—in the loving relationships of its citizens. 

My spouse and I were legally married in Toronto, Canada. How ridiculous is it that our marriage is recognized four hours north (in Canada) and three hours south (in Iowa), and yet here at home in Minnesota we are legal strangers. And as a person of faith and a member of the clergy, I find this to be a profanity. Love is love. Marriage is good for society. To withhold it from any citizen is a tragic misuse of our electoral process.  

It is my sincere hope that clearer heads and hearts will prevail when our citizens find themselves alone in the voting booth. Religion has been used to oppress minorities and women for too long. What side of history will we find ourselves on this time? Please vote no and move on to a real problem.

In hope,

Rev. Dr. Robyn Provis

Editor's Note: All Letters to the Editor can be submitted via e-mail to caitlin.burgess@patch.com.


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