Letter: Time to Move Forward on Bottineau Transitway

Rep. Ryan Winkler, Rep. Lyndon Carlson and Sen. Ann Rest want to see Golden Valley get on board with plans for the Bottineau Transitway.


For the last few years, local officials have been discussing plans for a Bottineau Transitway, a light-rail transit line that would run from Downtown Minneapolis to the northwest, serving North Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Robbinsdale, Crystal, and Brooklyn Park. The line would also be close to New Hope, Maple Grove, and Osseo.

Now, after 4 years of planning — and with many more years of planning left to go — it’s time to finally start moving ahead. The Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority, Minneapolis, Robbinsdale, Crystal, New Hope, and Brooklyn Park have already signaled their support. Even the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board — after their initial opposition — has shown a willingness to move forward and participate in the planning for this light-rail line. It is time for the City of Golden Valley to join them.

The Golden Valley City Council raised some very legitimate concerns, both from supporters of the plan and opponents. It’s important to note however, that voting to support the plan doesn’t set it in stone; it merely allows us to move the process forward to the environmental impact study phase, where this plan and many others will be thoroughly examined. Moving the project ahead will also allow us to try to gain funding from the Metropolitan Council, and state and federal government.

The metro’s transit system needs significant expansion and with that expansion will come more transportation options, more economic development, and more efficient growth in the metro region. Supporting the current plan doesn’t end discussion; it continues it. We should be at the table, using the opportunity to work on this issue, rather than leaving our community out of the discussion. We urge the city council to support the Bottineau Transitway so we can begin moving forward.


Rep. Ryan Winkler

Rep. Lyndon Carlson

Sen. Ann Rest


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