Legislative Bio: Senator Ann Rest

As lawmakers get ready for the 2012 session, Patch will profile local politicians and ask about their goals for the upcoming year.

Senator Ann Rest
Party: DFL
District: Senate District 45
Elected: to the House in 1984 served through 1998; to the Senate in 2001 to present
Committees: Commerce and Consumer Protection (Ranking Minority Member), Tax Committee, Transportation Committee
Education: BA from Northwestern University; MA from University of Chicago; MAT, MPA from Harvard; MBT from University of Minnesota
Home: New Hope
Age: 69

What is your proudest moment in office?

“Overall, I’m most proud of providing good constituent service,” Rest said.

With more than 25 years of combined experience in the House and Senate, Rest says she has been part of many pieces of legislation she is proud of, but feels her work in tax reform stands out.

“Over the years I’ve worked hard to change the tax system and make it easier to navigate and have tried to make it fair for all Minnesotans,” she said.

What are your five goals for the session?

  • Pass a significant bonding bill

“Our main goal should be to pass a significant bonding bill,” she said. “If we do that, we’ll have done a lot.”

The proposed bonding bill lists several big construction projects that could put upwards of 20,000 Minnesotans back to work.

“That bill really is an investment in our state and should take top priority,” Rest said.

Aside from the bonding bill, Rest has several other goals for the 2012 session:

  • Work on a bill to renovate the capitol, which has an outdate HVAC system and deterioration on the outside.
  • Integrate more user-friendly technology into state websites. Rest believes all state websites should work together and provide access to the public 24/7.
  • Work on the light rail proposal for the south west metro.
  • Promote civil discourse and work together across party lines to get quality results for all Minnesotans.


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