Hennepin County Introduces Online Property Tax Tool

The county’s interactive online application enables taxpayers to search for information on their property by entering an address or property ID number.

The following was released by Hennepin County:

Hennepin County taxpayers will now be able to find more details about their property taxes online – including how their property tax is broken out, by jurisdiction, and what part of their property tax is coming from which taxing authority.

In most cases, the online version will provide even more information than what is provided in the paper property-tax statements taxpayers receive in the mail. 

The county’s interactive online tool – www.Hennepin.us/propertytaxsearch –enables taxpayers to search for information on their property by entering an address or property ID number. That information now includes a new drop-down menu that explains all of the components of the property tax, which jurisdiction (county, city, school district, etc.) each portion comes from, and how much it is. Previously the information contained only the total property tax – not broken down by jurisdiction. 

“Your property tax really is several property taxes from several jurisdictions, rolled into one statement,” said Mark Chapin, director of county Taxpayer Services. “The new information we have added better enables people to see where their property taxes are being used. It’s another way the county is working to be more transparent about how your property taxes are calculated.” 

Taxpayers can go to the site, and when the information on their property appears, click on a drop-down menu –“Expand for details” under the “Value and tax summary/total net tax” section. 

The property information search feature on the Hennepin website is the most popular page on the county's site, with more than 100,000 “hits” a month.

guy davidson November 30, 2012 at 06:03 AM
that has been available for the last ten years.. odd headline/news report
Mike E December 08, 2012 at 02:23 PM
The tax website has been around for 10 years; but it is now a upgraded version as they have expanded details about where your taxes go. For example you can see how much of your tax dollars are used to pay for the library system....


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