Golden Valley City Council Responds to Proposed Transitway

The city council wrote a letter to the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority about its concerns with the proposed transitway.

A propsed Bottineau Transitway could weave its way through Golden Valley. City council members have reviewed this proposal and sent a letter to the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority outlining some concerns.

In the four page letter, council members cover potential problems with natural resources, station locations, property impacts and community resources. Excerpts of this letter are detailed below. The entire letter is available on the Golden Valley website and is uploaded with this article.


Thank you for allowing the City of Golden Valley the opportunity to review and provide comments to the Bottineau Transitway Draft Environmental Impact Statement Scoping Document.

The City of Golden Valley requests that the following comments and concerns be addressed:

Natural Resources

The D-1 Alignment is proposed to be located within and adjacent to Theodore Wirth Regional Park as well as the Mary Hills Nature Area and Glenview Terrace Park. These areas are invaluable and unique natural and recreational amenities to the City as well as the northwestern Twin Cities region. As the proposed project has the potential to impact areas within large parks and natural areas, and areas adjacent to Bassett Creek, the corridor would need to be studied for the presence of historic and cultural resources. The historical significance of the Theodore Wirth Park Chalet should also be considered in this study. The City requests to be contacted if archaeological discovery is made.

Station Location

If the D- 1 Alignment, consisting of either Light Rail Transit (LRT) or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), through Golden Valley is selected to be evaluated one station location must be chosen. The potential station locations for the D1 are Golden Valley Road near Wirth Parkway and Plymouth Avenue near Wirth Parkway. Both are located in the City of Golden Valley and would require the acquisition of property owned by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.

While a station located at Plymouth Avenue would likely have less effect on Golden Valley neighborhoods and community resources, the Golden Valley Road station would provide more direct access for Golden Valley residents and businesses. In addition, the Golden Valley Road location is on an existing bus line with potential feeder bus connections, and has planned regional trail connections.

Property Impacts

The Bottineau Transitway would impact surrounding properties. There is information that addresses property value impacts for properties located adjacent to transit station locations. However, there is no comparable data that demonstrates impacts to properties along the Transitway with no convenient access to a station. Data should be provided that shows how the Transitway would impact single family residential properties along the corridor.

Community Resources

The proposed Transitway and transit stations would likely require an increase in community resources such as police, fire, public works maintenance, and traffic management. Since the proposed transit system is managed by the Metropolitan Council, it is anticipated that Metro Transit Police will be the primary law enforcement agency at the station.


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