Freiberg Vows to Focus on Jobs, Education

Golden Valley City Councilmember Mike Freiberg celebrated a lot last week, including winning the election for state representative in House District 45B, the birth of his first son, and his daughter's birthday.

Ten days before the election, Mike Freiberg and his wife, Lauren, celebrated the birth of their first son, Joseph. Right before the election, Freiberg's daughter, Rose, turned three. Then, on Nov. 6, Freiberg had another event to celebrate: A victory in the election for state representative in House District 45B.

"I'm really happy about the win," Freiberg wrote to Patch, admitting that he had an 11-day-old baby in his lap while he was writing. "Even though we've had great legislators in District 45, I feel like both my results and the result statewide suggest that people in the state want the legislature to focus on bread and butter issues, like education and jobs."

Frieberg added that during his time as state representative, he wants to pay back the school shift, pass a bonding bill that will create good jobs, and work to improve public health.

Though Freiberg won't be sworn into office until Jan. 8, the Golden Valley City Council is thinking about a replacement strategy.

"Next Tuesday at our council manager meeting, we’re going to make a decision about whether we call for a special election, of if we delay the election for the fall to co-inside with the regular fall elections," Mayor Shep Harris said. "Mike is still technically a councilmember until he steps down."

Freiberg said he wants to do what's best for the City and talk to his colleagues before deciding when to resign. In looking back at this time with the Golden Valley City Council, Freiberg said he'll take away a few important lessons.

"Be responsive, do your homework, and be loyal to your friends," Freiberg said.


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