Design Plans Approved for Apartment Complex Near Colonnade

The Arcata would be 173 units and six stories tall.

In a Dec. 18 meeting, the Golden Valley City Council approved preliminary design plans for The Arcata--a 173 unit complex that would sit adjacent to the current Colonnade office building.

If constructed,, would be six stories tall and have 226 parking stalls. Trammel Crow Company, the project developer, would begin building in the spring of 2013.

“We think this is going to appeal to a broad segment of the market,” Grady Hamilton, principal with Trammel Crow Company, said. “There is 2.9 million square feet of office space one mile from this building. We also recognize the benefits of proximity to the West End, which is a great amenity for us.”

Councilmember Joanie Clausen was concerned about the apartment architecture and how well it would blend with the nearby Colonnade. Project developers said that the apartment’s flat roof helps give it a contemporary design and the incorporation of Limestone will allow for smooth visual transition between the two buildings.

The apartment building would mark the completion of phase two of the Colonnade site, which currently is home to an office building. in 1988, City Planner Joe Hogeboom said that proposals for a hotel came forward for the current space. In 2007, Hogeboom mentioned that proposals for an office building were entertained, though those plans dropped when the demand for office buildings decreased.

Planning Commissioner Chuck Segelbaum said that the issues raised at a November meeting were well addressed, including the need for additional parking and improved flow of traffic into the parking garage.

Toward the end of the meeting, Clausen asked about the construction of the Three.Nine.Four and the Arcada. If both apartments are approved, construction trucks would be moving through the area at the same time due to simultaneous construction. Director of Public Works Jeannine Clancy confirmed that city staff would address concerns as, and if, they arrive.

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