Council Approves Preliminary Plans for Tiburon Apartments

After debating language about the inclusion of a TIF district in council documents, councilmembers approved preliminary plans for a new 142-unit apartment building.

At a council meeting last night, the Golden Valley City Council agreed to move forward with plans to build The Tiburon Apartments.

The 142-unit apartment building would be built along Highway 55. Steve Dunbar of Dunbar Development Corporation addressed the council and showed a few changes that were made after discussion at the Planning Commission level. Wider sidewalks, more green space and the inclusion of a 20 foot fire lane were added to plans.

During initial discussions, Planning Commission members wanted to see more pine trees in the landscaping design. Project architects said that lack of sunlight would make it impossible for pine trees to flourish. Instead, Dunbar Development will line the property with shrubbery and lilacs.

While the council agreed to approve preliminary plans, their motion didn't come without discussion about a proposed Tax Increment Financing Renewal and Renovation District, known as a TIF district.

According to council documents, members had to agree that final PUD approval "will be dependent" on the city's approval of the TIF district. This language concerned Councilmember Mike Freiberg and Councilmember Joanie Clausen.

"I think this is a very good opportunity to use TIF," Freiberg said. "But I want to go through the correct process and consider the TIF district separately."

City Attorney Allen Barnard clarified that mentioning TIF in documents was meant to keep city options open. After discussing and editing wording, the City Council unanimously moved forward with plans.


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