Council Approves Plans for New Boone Avenue Retail Center

Preliminary plans were approved for a new retail center at the corner of Boone Avenue North. The current BP gas station will also receive upgrades.

At their meeting Wednesday night, members of the Golden Valley City Council unanimously approved plans for a new retail site and gas station upgrade that would come to the intersection of Boone Avenue North and Highway 55.

"This site is in a very good location," Steve Linn, CEO of Linn Investment Properties and owner of the property, said of the space. "But it my opinion, it’s very bland today and it doesn't meet the standards that I generally like."

Linn recently built a new Holiday Gas Station in Coon Rapids that boasts stone pillars, modern lighting and attractive awnings. He told councilmembers that he hopes to renovate the current BP Gas Station and re-build it to look like the station in Coon Rapids.

In addition to the gas station upgrade and convenience store expansion, Linn Investment Properties will build a 4,900 square foot retail center on the property near Basset Creek.

Councilmember DeDe Scanlon was curious to know what types of stores would come to the retail center. Linn said the market would determine what stores would move in.

"We are hoping for national brand names," Linn said. "Likely food and coffee."

Mayor Shep Harris said that he's excited to see the area develop, but wishes that he could turn back time 100 years and re-evaluate the way companies build near Basset Creek.

"I wish we could...change our zoning codes to be more respectful of that creek," Harris said, noting that he wants tenants to take advantage of the creek.

Architect Cathy Anderson said that a patio space attached to the retail center would allow visitors to enjoy the creek.

The City Council opened the public hearing regarding the new development, but no one spoke at the hearing, likely due to the length of the council meeting. It was after 10 p.m. by the time the council made it to the agenda item that addressed the Boone Avenue project.

Though the City Council approved the preliminary design plans, Linn Investment Properties will still need to go before the Planning Commission and City Council for final approval. If the company receives final approval, construction of the retail site would begin in 2013.

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Carolyn Kaehr September 21, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Kowalski Market, please.


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