City Looks at Renovating and Renewing Area Along Hwy 55

Housing and Redevelopment Authority commissioners met this week to review a proposed public improvement plan that would revamp six parcels of land along Highway 55.

At their Sept. 11 meeting, commissioners from the Housing and Redevelopment Authority reviewed preliminary ideas for the creation of a public improvements project in Golden Valley.

As , staff is looking at ways to make access to the building safer. According to meeting documents, the slip ramp off of Highway 55 and the lack of sidewalks creates a pedestrian hazard.

A Tax Increment Financing Renewal and Renovation District, known as a TIF district, could be formed in order to provide the improvements. According to the Minnesota House of Representatives, in order for an area to become a renewal and renovation district, it has to meet a blight test, which is composed of the following three requirements:

  1. 70 percent of the area of the district must be occupied by buildings, streets, utilities, or other improvements.
  2. 20 percent of the buildings must be structurally substandard.
  3. 30 percent of the other buildings must have conditions that require clearance or substantial renovation.

Jeanne Andre, Assistant Director of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority, said in meeting documents that staff is interested in looking at six parcels of land.

"The recommended renewal and renovation area extends from Boone Avenue North, along 7th Avenue, and parcels of the north and south sides of Golden Valley Road," Andre said in documents.

The process before any renovation would begin includes passing the blight test and conducting a public hearing. Comments will also be collected from the Planning Commission, School District and County. Lastly, a final public hearing and adoption from the City Council is necessary.


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