City Learns More About Noise Caused by Proposed Airplane Flight Routes

A change in the routes airplanes use to take off and land in Minneapolis could impact Golden Valley residents.

At a council/manager meeting on Jan. 8, Golden Valley City Councilmembers learned more about plans that would change the course of airplane departures and arrivals.

Officials from the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) were scheduled to discuss the proposed airplane corridors and the possible impact that airplane noise may have on the city.

According to flight plan maps, between roughly 10 to 25 percent of flights coming in and out of Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport would fly over Golden Valley.

See PDFs to the right.

Mayor Shep Harris said that city staff didn’t know about the new flight routes until an article about the change was published in the Star Tribune.

According to the November article, new technology backed by the Federal Aviation Administration would condense takeoffs into tighter routes, saving fuel.

"We need to have an understanding about what is being proposed and how we can collaborate with officials so that this doesn't negatively impact Golden Valley," Harris said. "This news was a surprise to the City."

Neighboring cities recently dealt with similar noise issues. In late November, officials from the City of Edina gathered at an MAC meeting after raising concerns over a complete lack of dialogue regarding the proposed changes in flight patterns to and from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Edina Patch reported that FAA officials told the Metropolitan Airports Commission the implementation of airplane flight paths would be delayed on either side of the Minnesota River until mid-2014, as the new strategy needed to be studied to ensure safety.

Golden Valley Patch will continue to follow this issue as information becomes available.


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