2013 Special Levies Set For Bassett Creek And West Mississippi Watersheds

A special levy is set to finance watershed improvement projects in Plymouth and Golden Valley.

According to Hennepin County:

A special levy of $986,000 was set for the Bassett Creek Watershed Management Organization to finance the Northwood Lake Improvement and Lakeview Park Pond projects in Plymouth and Golden Valley.  

The first project calls for construction of two new water quality treatment ponds and restores an eroding stream channel in Plymouth. The goal is to improve the water quality in Northwood Lake (located in New Hope), which is classified as impaired water. 

The second project constructs a storm water pond in Golden Valley to improve the quality of runoff prior to discharge into Medicine Lake in Plymouth.  

A special levy of $125,000 was set for the West Mississippi Watershed Management Organization to finance a stream stabilization project for the City of Champlin that involves restoration work along the stream edge below the Mill Pond Dam.


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