Nude Sunbather Cited at Twin Lakes Beach

A Shafer man was cited for sunbathing without clothes on at Twin Lakes Beach, according to Golden Valley Police.

On Aug. 21, Golden Valley Police Officer Michael Meehan cited a 25-year-old man from Shafer, Minn. for indecent exposure.The man was found naked on Twin Lakes Beach by a family with a young child.

According to the incident report:

Meehan was driving near the beach with City Engineer Mark Ray when a family said they had witnessed a naked man on the beach.

"They advised me that there had been a nude person on the beach," Meehan said in the incident report. "They had to turn around and leave the area as they didn't want their child to be in the presence of nude sunbathers."

When Meehan reached the beach, he sent Ray to the shore to scout out the area. According to the incident report, Ray called Meehan via police radio and said there was a "nude party on the beach."

Meehan began walking toward the beach and saw one nude sunbather. When Meehan asked the man why he was at the beach without clothes on, the man "could not formulate an answer."

The nude sunbather claimed that he was dressed when the family saw him at the beach. When Meehan asked the man "why there would be a complaint of a sunbather if nobody was at the beach nude," the man "did not have a response."

Twin Lakes Beach is known for disorderly behavior. In the summer of 2010, at the beach.

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