Ellison: 'Now Is A Time For Minneapolis Metro Area To Come Together'

Golden Valley's congressional representative expresses his sadness for the Thursday shootings at a Minneapolis business.

Following the Thursday shootings at a Minneapolis business that left six dead, including the shooter, and others critically injured, Congressman Keith Ellison expressed his sadness in a statement Friday.

"I am deeply saddened by last night's deadly shooting at Accent Signage in Minneapolis, and my thoughts are with the families of those lost," he said. "Now is a time for the Minneapolis metropolitan community to come together in mourning and solidarity."

Accent Signage Systems is a small interior signage company that specializes in American with Disabilities Act-compliant signs after developing a patented method to create Braille signs.

"Accent has been a model for export practices in Minneapolis," Ellison said. "Just a few weeks ago, I visited the business with Mayor Rybak and was able to see their success firsthand."

In an MPR article, Rybak said: "I think the tour was supposed to be a half-hour. It was easily an hour and half because he got so excited about every detail, and rightfully, of this great business. It's a phenomenal place ... I just want us all to surround everyone we know from that company with as much support as we can. You know they're going to need it."

A variety of departments assisted Minneapolis Police officers including the Hennepin County Sheriff officers, Brooklyn Park Police Department and SWAT officers. Golden Valley Police were not among those departments at the scene.

For more coverage of the shooting, see Patch's article The article will updated with story links from around Minnesota Patch as more information becomes available.

Greg Staffa September 29, 2012 at 04:07 PM
What happened with this shooting is awful but are we honestly surprised? Were so divided as a State and Nation that everyone seems to be on edge. I find it questionable to hear Keith Ellison call for the community to come together. I lost my union job due to discrimination, took it to court and won. Yet the damage was done and I lost my house. I spent 2 years living out of my car. My story made State and National news. At one point Mr Community and Solidarity Keith Ellison reached out saying he wanted to meet. He told me to contact his staff. His staff told me he was too busy. Keith Ellison got back to me saying “Not true I just need to find time” and after posting that he blocked me. That was 316 days ago and still no meeting. What happened with this shooting was wrong and awful. I know what its like to feel your world crumbling around you. To feel like your losing everything. This is a time for the community to come together it isnt a time for political soundbites. Politicians like Keith Ellison are good at giving press releases and speeches. If Keith Ellison really cared he would keep his word because I am not the only one Keith Ellison has made false promises to. One of the worst things you can do to a homeless person is Give them false hope only to take it away. Im still waiting to meet with you Mr Ellison
Candace Oathout September 29, 2012 at 06:00 PM
I find it interesting that Keith Ellison is concerned about the Minneapolis Metro area coming together. I have to wonder, does that include the first ring suburbs that he also represents? I have lived in his district since 2007 and to date have never seen him hold a Town Hall or make any public appearance in Crystal, Robbinsdale, or New Hope. I even traveled to Washington DC as part of a bicycle coalition. Not only were we unable to meet with our Congressman, there was no follow up to the written proposals. I have several times addressed my concerns over pending legislation in writing only to receive a response that clearly demonstrates that my letter was not even read. Keith Ellison keeps telling us he represents his constituents in Congressional District 5 but he certainly seems to be selective in his representation.


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