Alcohol-Related Arrests Increase

With focus on DWI enforcement, arrests related to alcohol are on the rise.

Alcohol related arrests kept Golden Valley police busy last week, with 40 percent of all arrests being for underage consumption (ages 18-20) and driving while intoxicated.

While arrests remained mostly related to traffic, there was a higher number of DWIs than there have been in the past month. DWI enforcement is up over the entire metro as the July 4 weekend approaches, so Golden Valley police are looking to stop more drunk drivers. People with one taillight out, a suspended license or badly cracked windshields also came under police scrutiny.

Arrests this week illustrate that the highway system in Golden Valley has a large impact on its arrests and incidents, with only one arrest of the 15 coming from from Golden Valley residents. The rest were from Minneapolis, St. Paul and mostly northern suburbs.

Incidents show a similar story, with most being for traffic stops. However, theft and violent crime remain an issue. There was one incidence of domestic dispute called into the Golden Valley police. In addition, a call was made for a fifth-degree assault. Theft increased again, with five episodes reported, one a forced robbery.

Though crime is higher than its winter low, it is still not unusual for the summer months. Both an increase in traffic stops, and people inclination to be out in public spaces make alcohol arrests easier. Violent crime and theft are also expected to rise in the summer, as Crime Analyst Joanne Paul has told Patch in the past.


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