Pet of the Week: Sweet Sister Love!

Two adorable 5-month-old mice are available for adoption.

This week we are featuring two lovely sisters named Abby and Alyssa. These two are so deserving of a loving home. They have been residents at the for a total of five months now.

The sisters were put up for adoption at just 3 weeks old because their owners were unable to care for them. They were born to the family’s pet mouse. Having spent their entire lives in the animal shelter so far, they are anxious to experience a loving and nurturing home life.

Just like me, these ladies deeply honor sisterhood.  It’s such a beautiful thing! I grew up with a sister who naturally became my best friend too. There is no other bond like the one sisters share and if you are lucky to have such a partner in life, you never want to be separated.

Abby and Alyssa are wonderful together. They are often found cuddling with each other and running on their wheel together! They are not only sisters, but they are truly the best of friends.

A clean cage, soft bedding, a wheel, fresh food and water, as well as a loving owner who is willing to keep them together is all they need to be happy.

Will you be the one to share your love with these beautiful sisters?

The adoption fee for these little critters is only $5.00 each.

 Their Adoption Profiles:

Abby: http://www.animalhumanesociety.org/adoption/detail?id=11896723

Alyssa: http://www.animalhumanesociety.org/adoption/detail?id=11896701



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