Letter: Supports Linda Higgins For Hennepin County

One Plymouth resident supports Linda Higgins for District 2 Hennepin County Commission.

To the Editor:

I first met Linda over 10 years ago when I was asked by the city of Plymouth to come to the state capital and testify as a citizen activist on lake and water issues about the phosphorus restriction that was needed to stop algae blooms in our lakes. I started this work after moving to Medicine Lake in 1984. 

We were successful in passing legislation that Linda authored and at that time I saw several things about her. 

  • She cared about Minnesota’s lakes
  • She cared about people who live here
  • She was not afraid to take on big business. (They were lying in their testimony as I witnessed it.)

She has been a state senator for 16 years and is now running for Hennepin County Commissioner. In the last year, I have been involved in citizen work to set policy for spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Nine lakes in the west metro were organizing to have our voices heard. I sent several invitations to the commissioner  for our area and never even got the courtesy of a reply. 

I have been doing statewide work for over 20 years on lake environmental issues with multiple organizations. Many counties respond very differently than my observations in Hennepin County. Outstate especially, but I have also been at Carver County Commission meetings where citizens were listened to.

Linda has a history of having town hall meetings with her constituents.  No matter what your issue, I see her as believing in representative government and wanting to know what you think.  I have lived in Hennepin county since 1978 and have never felt like county commissioners were interested in the citizens other than when they wanted our votes. I believe that when we elect her, she will continue reaching out to citizens and will answer us when we contact her.

Your vote matters. Please mark your calendar and show up at the polls.  Make sure that you are in the right spot. Our voting location has changed since the re-districting and yours may have as well.

Your vote matters!

Terrie Christian


Kathy Rendall October 12, 2012 at 03:11 PM
How much did Linda Higgins pay you to post this comment? Better yet, what did she promise you in exchange for your comment? It's clear you NEVER lived in her district. I did. I can tell you Linda has NEVER in all her sixteen years of being elected, EVER held a town hall meeting. As a matter of fact, she rarely attended any meetings. The reason why I'm responding to your post is because it is full of inaccuracies. This is the tactic that Linda uses. She suckers people into posting things that simply aren't true. I'm not voting for Linda Higgins because she is horrible when it comes to public policy. It's clear; Linda is 63 years old and only wants this seat until she retires. It's called "capping" out on your pension. My question to you is when did Linda Higgins hold these town hall meetings and where? This is laughable to say the least. Also Linda Higgins is an out right racist. She has the Minnesota nice thing going on. She's running for county commissioner to collect a check.
Cathy W. October 12, 2012 at 09:14 PM
If Sen. Higgins truly wants to serve us, she can do it best by staying retired. 16 years, she did her time.


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