Letter: Acknowledge City's Beauty, Say 'No' to Bottineau Pressure

Resident Emily Alverson shares her opposition to the Bottineau Transitway coming through Golden Valley.

I have seen recent letters posted urging Golden Valley to reconsider support of the Bottineau Transitway D1 route.  I respect the June decision of the Golden Valley Council and feel compelled to write.

I established a residence in eastern Golden Valley 2.5 years ago.  This is my first home and I selected this specific community in particular because it was particularly unique to the communities within a 2-3 mile radius of downtown Minneapolis. There is a respect and love for the natural environment that has been preserved and protected in this area *yet* the city is a 10 minute bicycle or bus ride away. Transit is not a concern or barrier in this community.

When Shep initiated the notifications about the Bottineau Transitway public meetings last winter, I was devastated and wanted to get involved or somehow participate in order to have a voice or influence this decision.  After researching the history of the situation it appeared evident that the county had already essentially selected the LPA of D1, even without Golden Valley involvement.   People told me not to waste my time at the public events stating these events are held simply so that the deciding committee can say that input was gathered and the people were part of the decision.  That it was a political play for the masses.  I still attended though my confidence was low in the process.
The Golden Valley City Council gained great respect from me in June when they took a stand amidst strong political pressure and represented the feedback from the community in which they serve.

This was not the only option for this transit line so Golden Valley should not stand alone in the political pressure.  The surrounding communities should not be able to influence the selection of the route outside their city boundaries.  Naturally, if asked, the northern communities will vote for the exceptionally beautiful, marginally faster, and more economically prosperous route. 
I am not convinced the “study” will uncover any new information that has not already been vetted over the last several years.  There is strong pressure to simply reach a decision and begin construction and the study is simply a step in that direction.  

Please acknowledge the value of the beauty and peace that this part of the city still restores.

Emily Alverson
Golden Valley Resident

DeDe Scanlon October 13, 2012 at 04:58 PM
Emily, I would urge you and others (pro and con) who live in Golden Valley to contact your council members with your opinions about the D1 proposal and to attend our council manger meeting on November 13th when this topic will be discussed again. Also, please send your comments to the council in an email or written format allowing them to be saved and filed for public record. Please, do know that when you come to the council manager meeting it does not guarantee that you will have the opportunity to speak as this is a workshop for council. In saying that, there have been times when those in attendance have been able to share their opinions if council is in agreement. Thank you for your letter, DeDe Scanlon


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