Special Delivery: How Local Elves Turn Christmas Trees into Lasting Memories

Delivering Christmas trees dressed as elves, Santa’s Tree Delivery is making spirits bright.

Brothers Brandon and Cameron Johnson started Santa’s Tree Delivery in 2011. Dressed as elves, they deliver fresh Fraser Fir Christmas trees to homes and businesses around the Twin Cities and particularly the Lake Minnetonka area.

“There are quite a few companies that deliver Christmas trees, but not many companies set them up,” said Brandon, explaining why Santa’s Tree Delivery is unique.

Working as tree trimmers, the brothers thought that delivering Christmas trees during the off-season could be a viable business.

Brandon said they start making Christmas tree deliveries right after Thanksgiving and go right up to Christmas, with an average of 4-5 deliveries each day.

The brothers hand pick the best Christmas trees from their partner Wolcyn Tree Farm, which is located in Cambridge.

“They deliver the trees to their stand at the St. Paul Farmer’s Market, and I pick them up anytime I want,” said Brandon.

On Monday night, their truck and trailer full of Christmas trees pulled up to a house in Minnetonka. After introducing themselves (and their helper Lisa), they went into the house to see where the tree would be placed.

The homeowner had ordered a 7-foot tree, but after sizing up the area, Brandon said, “What if we just give you an 8-foot tree for the same price?” He also swapped out the homeowner’s Christmas tree stand for one that would hold more water.

A busy obstetrician and mother of two young children, the homeowner said she learned about Santa’s Tree Delivery by searching online.

“I knew this was something we wanted to do,” she said. “You never know what the weather is going to be like and it’s just easier to do it this way.”

Brandon and Cameron headed out to their trailer, measured the tree to be sure it was eight feet, and gave the tree a fresh cut on the bottom before heading up the driveway toward the house.

“Alright, the Christmas tree is here,” Brandon announced as they brought the tree inside.

“That’s a big tree,” squealed the homeowner’s young daughter.

The homeowner said didn’t realize the brothers were going to be dressed as elves.

“I pulled in the garage and I looked behind me and said, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s elves, how cute.’” A second later, her young son asked, “You think elves are cute?”

After the tree is set up, customers are given candy canes. If requested, Santa's Tree Delivery will also bring notes from Santa.

“Thanks everybody,” the homeowner said as she closed the door.

The two elves and their helper piled into the cab of the truck and pulled away from the curb for their next delivery. Brandon said the next customer wasn’t going to be home.

“That’s not as fun,” he said.

For more information about Santa’s Tree Delivery, visit www.santastreedelivery.com.

Lisa Mendenhall December 04, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Thanks for posting, Stephanie! It was a lot of fun to go along on a delivery--with REAL elves! :)
jan emerson December 12, 2012 at 11:32 PM
darling idea thank u for caring and showing kindness:)


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