What Do Readers Think About Bottineau?

A collection of reader thoughts regarding the Bottineau Transitway project, and the possibility of the train coming through Golden Valley.

Over the last few weeks, Patch has been keeping a close eye on developments regarding the Bottineau Transitway project. As the project slowly moves forward, readers have remained engaged in the topic. Most recently, at a council meeting, Mayor Shep Harris announced that on Nov. 13, representatives from the Metropolitan Council and Hennepin County will sit down with councilmembers and answer questions about the transitway. Reviewing transitway plans again, when the council first voted down the construction of the transitway through Golden Valley, got some readers thinking.

Here's a collection of comments from readers about the issue, including excerpts from letters to the editor.

On the issue of revisiting the construction of the Bottineau Transitway and the D1 Alignment, an anonymous reader said:

Golden Valley should not feel bullied into agreeing to this decision. Is this same pressure being placed on Minneapolis to agree to the line? The Golden Valley City Council is not entrenched in "old, isolationist ways of thinking". They are representing the people in the region being disrupted - which was the purpose of the all the public meetings... was it not?

Karen Lehman also noted:

I also hope that the Golden Valley City Council will hold to its position and not feel pressured to accept the D1 alternative. Frankly, I will sell my house, and I'm sure others will as well who are located along the line. I came there for the peace and quiet of a rare jewel of urban forest and wetland wildlife habitat. Golden Valley will experience reduced property values in that corridor, and with what benefits? No transit-oriented development. Parking congestion (if the stations are even used). And the neighborhood most in need of development and transit, North Minneapolis, left out. I also do not favor the D2 alternative, by the way. Really not feasible on Penn Avenue, and extremely disruptive. What about going back to the drawing board? Isn't there a better option?

Kelly L. expressed listed her concerns regarding the transitway:

I have concerns with the light rail going through our parks and wetlands for the following reasons;

• Increased noise and vibration from 70 transit runs a day.
• The negative environmental and wildlife impact.
• Increase in crime.
• Increased taxes
• Decrease in home value
• No proposed Park and Ride other than 4 parking spots.

Last week, two readers submitted letters to the editor, incuding Jan Malcolm, the CEO of Courage Center. Malcolm shared her reasons for support of the transitway:

The Bottineau Transitway, specifically the B-C-D1 alignment, would greatly increase transportation options to Courage Center. We clearly see the potential benefits to our employees and clients, and hope you’ll agree.

Reader Emily Alverson disagreed in a letter to the editor:

There is strong pressure to simply reach a decision and begin construction and the study is simply a step in that direction. Please acknowledge the value of the beauty and peace that this part of the city still restores.

Councilmember DeDe Scanlon chimed in on Patch, encouraging readers to send letters expressing concern or thoughts to City Council:

Please send your comments to the council in an email or written format allowing them to be saved and filed for public record.
Please, do know that when you come to the council manager meeting it does not guarantee that you will have the opportunity to speak as this is a workshop for council. In saying that, there have been times when those in attendance have been able to share their opinions if council is in agreement.

Blair Tremere October 16, 2012 at 04:20 PM
More time for "study" will allow citizens to check the recently published Environmental Statement for the infamous S.W. Lightrail; it will allow citizens to see whether the composition of the city council will change in January; and it will allow citizens to ponder the fact that light rail does not have to follow heavy rail corridors....for example, the infamous Hiawatha and Central Corridor lines. Citizens need time to ponder the facts and not be bullied by those who have not done their due diligence.


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