Train Speeds Double Near Golden Valley

Trains will be doubling their normal speed through three west metro cities.

The Canadian Pacific Railroad plans to increase its track speed near Golden Valley. Trains will move faster in Plymouth, Crystal and New Hope.

The track speeds will double in Crystal and New Hope, going from 20mph to 40mph. In Plymouth, speeds will jump from 25mph to 40mph.

Canadian Pacific spokesman Ed Greenberg told the Star Tribune the reason for the speed increase is to improve traffic flow at crossings and to improve shipping efficiency. Greenberg says the increase in speed coincides with track improvements made in the three cities.

Canadian Pacific sent a notice to the three cities effected. Aside from mentioning the speed increase, the notice included these safety tips for motorists:

  • Always be prepared to stop when approaching train tracks. 
  • Do not attempt to drive around activated crossing gates.
  • If a crossing has no flashing lights or gates, look both ways and ensure no trains are approaching before entering the crossing. 
  • It takes 1 to 1.5 miles for a train to come to a stop after the brakes are applied. 
  • If your car stalls on the tracks, get out, move off the tracks, and call 911. 
  • Never walk on the railroad tracks. The only legal place to cross a railroad line is at a marked grade crossing.

The speed changes will go into effect at the end of January.


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