Time Capsule To Be Buried in Golden Valley

To celebrate Golden Valley's 125th Anniversary, a time capsule will be buried near city hall on June 24.

After a year of planning and gathering, a time capsule is ready to be buried in front of Golden Valley city hall. Crews will bury the reusable capsule, filled with all sorts of city artifacts, on June 24 to commemorate .

Last year the Bridge Builders, a group of volunteers dedicated to improving the city, organized dozens of events to celebrate the city’s milestone. Over the course of the last year the idea of a time capsule was brought up.

“I was a supporter of this idea from the start,” Citizen Volunteer Blair Tremere said. “It just sounded like a good idea that would really get the community involved.”

Tremere, and other volunteers, started asking community members for suggestions and items to place in the time capsule. The result is a smattering of city-based items including menus from local restaurants and a statement from students about the things they like in Golden Valley.

“We are really proud this concept,” Tremere said. “It’s a wonderful way to leave something behind for generations to come.”

The capsule, which will be placed in the garden in front of city hall, will be dug back up in 25 years. At that point, the next generation can decide to add more items to the capsule and rebury it.

“I think it’s a neat idea,” Golden Valley Resident Dawn Swenson said. “It’s a great way to preserve a little piece of local history.”

Swenson, who has two young kids, plans to attend the event. “I want my kids to see it go into the ground and when they’re grown and the capsule is dug back up they can say they were there 25 years ago.” 

The capsule will be buried on June 24 at Noon. A small ceremony will take place, with several speakers. The event should last about an hour.


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