Time Capsule Buried in Golden Valley

A 72 pound time capsule was buried in the garden in front of Golden Valley City Hall.

In honor of Golden Valley's 125th Anniversary, a time capsule was buried in front of city hall. A group of citizens for the time capsule, which was buried Sunday.

"The items inside the time capsule are like a 3D snapshot of what life is like in Golden Valley right now," Blair Tremere, one of the project coordinators said. "Everything that is inside is symbolic of our life today and I hope it offers a future generation a glimpse of our great city."

Restaurant menus, cell phones, incandescent light bulbs and essays from children were among the 50+ items placed in the waterproof container.

"One of the great items inside the time capsule is called 'Notes to the Future,'" Tremere told the crowd. "We asked residents and school children to write a little note to the people who will open this time capsule in 25 years and one eight-year-old wrote a profound statement for someone her age, she wrote, 'Your present is my future.'"

Many people, including 20-year-resident Bowie Peterson reflected on the occasion saying, "I think this is a great day for the city and I wanted to be here to support the community."

After local dignitaries spoke, the time capsule was revealed. Project coordinators selected a special container that can be reused should the next generation decide to refill and rebury a time capsule.

Golden Valley's public works crew dug a special hole for the time capsule in the garden in front of city hall. The 2ft high tube was lowered into the hole and sealed with a steel cover. The time capsule won't be opened again until 2037, when the city will celebrate its 150th anniversary.


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