Local Magician Turns Passion for Magic into Event Marketing Career

He's known as "Magic Brad," but Golden Valley resident Brad Gudim isn't just preforming magic shows. Today, he's at the helm of his own event marketing company.

Brad Gudim started practicing magic when he was just 5 years old. Today, Gudim still is a practicing magic, but has morphed his passion for entertaining into a business that helps others market their own events. Patch caught up with Gudim, owner of MagicBrad Entertainment, and learned more about an upcoming local event that is geared to help event planners.

How long have you lived in Golden Valley?

I moved to Golden Valley about 2 years ago. I lived in Fridley (in the same house) for over 53 years.

When did you start practicing magic, and why?

When I was very young, about 5 years old, my brother's friend made a quarter disappear, and pulled it out of my ear. I was amazed, fascinated and intrigued. He gave me a couple booklets on how to do magic with coins and cards. I didn’t really understand the books, but got creative and came up with my own magic effects, and showed off in front of my family.

When did you become "MagicBrad" ?

I became “MagicBrad” in about 2001. I knew that the Internet was going to grow in popularity as a primary communications media and I needed to have a brand that was memorable and that separated me from the Brian’s, the Brandon’s, the Brent’s, and the other Brad’s out there in the World Wide Web.

Is there a specific magic trick that seems to always capture your audience?

I prefer to call them “effects” as opposed to “tricks,” because I’m not trying to “trick” anyone. My objective is to entertain, educate and expand the imagination and perception of what is possible.

I have a signature effect for each of my three styles of performance. For my Close-Up performance I have a routine I do with ordinary rubber bands that penetrate, link and vanish. In my Parlor Show it is the classic Cups and Balls and also a routine I do with a fez. And in my Platform or Stage Show it is a routine of Celebrity Impressions with Ping-Pong Balls, a giant tongue, some wacky glasses, and a baby bonnet.

What types of events do you perform at?

I’ve performed at fairs, festivals, city celebrations, schools, colleges, comedy clubs, cruise ships and special events, but most of my shows are for company functions, association conventions, trade shows and hospitality rooms. My favorite venue to perform at is the private house party, where I set up in the home of the host in their living room, family room or game room and do a personal show for their guests.

Your passion for entertainment has morphed into a career in event marketing. What kind of event planning services do you offer?

I consult businesses and business owners on how to utilize live events to market their product, service or cause. As an example, we would use a magician in a trade show booth to attract attention, gather a crowd, convey a message and capture leads. Or we would create an Open House and/or Client Appreciation as an entertaining and educational event to introduce or launch a new product or service. We assist and consult in the creation of an event for the client or consult in leveraging their participation in an existing event.

The Event Planner's Expo is coming up in March and will be held in Golden Valley. Tell us about the event. What can planners expect?

The Event Expo is a resource trade show for Event Planners. It has been held the first Wednesday in March since 1991. Planners that pre-register can get complimentary admission to the event to come source and shop for the various elements they might need for their events.

For our readers who are currently planning an event, big or small, what's one piece of advice you would like to give them?

Get some help from the experts in the specific elements of your event. If you are using a Caterer, use a good one. If you are hiring Entertainment, don’t be cheap. Hire a quality professional performer that has a performance style that is relevant to your audience.


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