Golden Valley Woman Starts Her Own Skin Care Company

Cynthia Ransom has created Cream for a Cause, a company that sells high quality natural skin care products.

A Golden Valley woman has created a home business that promotes healthy skin and gives back to the community.

Cynthia Ransom founded , a holistic line of skin care products that are all natural. Ransom’s business, which is about a year old, was born out of frustration.

“I was buying natural products and then I really started reading labels and I got mad,” she said. “I couldn’t believe I was using some of these things.”

Product labels contained ingredients that Ransom didn’t want on her skin. “What you put on your skin goes into your body and I wanted something that was truly natural.”

She started to hunt for better products and couldn’t find anything that met her standards, so she started dabbling in her kitchen with a few recipes and then reached out to a few chemists for help. Ransom finally found Dr. Ashok Patel, a bio-chemist from Rockford, who helped her create the right mix of natural ingredients for several products.

Her more popular products include an exotic body butter and anti-aging hand cream. She has an anti-aging face cream in clinical trials and is also working on a body lotion.

Ransom, who is also holistic practitioner, says most of her business comes through her website, but her products are also sold at several shops in Minnesota.

Tammy Willer, who has heard about the new Golden Valley company, says she is eager to try the products.

“I really like to shop local and I would absolutely love to find more healthy skin care products,” she said. “I’ve heard a few of my friends talk about Cream for a Cause and I need to check it out.”

Ransom’s products are gaining a fan base, but customers also like her business model. As the name suggests, her company has a cause. Ransom takes up to 40 percent of the proceeds she makes and donates it to several local charities.

“I want this business to grow and thrive in the community and while I work hard to create one-of-a-kind products I want to share my success with others.”

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