Business Spotlight: My Music Store

Patch caught up with My Music Store Co-owner Linda Morris to learn more about the shop and why Golden Valley is the perfect home for the store.

Golden Valley Patch: How long has My Music Store been in Golden Valley for?

My Music Store Co-owner Linda Morris: My Music Store opened November 1999  

Patch: Why did you choose to open a business in Golden Valley?

Morris: Great location right off of Hwy 55 and Winnetka. It felt like home when we were looking at store fronts in various cities to start up the business.  

Patch: What kinds of services does My Music Store offer?

Morris: Purchase and sales of new and used of almost all instruments. Guitars, basses, drums, band instruments, books and small goods. Service and repairs for guitars, bass, band instruments. Lessons for all of the above plus voice lessons. 

Patch: How many employees does the store have?

Morris: Currently we have the 2 owners (Linda & Jim) plus 4 employees,13 music instructors.

Patch: If someone has never picked up a guitar before, but wants to learn, what are your suggested first steps?

Morris: For the very beginner guitar player - they need to determine if they would enjoy an electric, acoustic steel string or an acoustic classical guitar. Hopefully they already understand how to read music but if not, we have instructors or books that can walk them through the steps.  

Patch: Tell us about the Guitar Toss. Why do you choose to support the GV Animal Humane Society?

Morris: The Guitar Toss was created in the year 2000.  We wanted to plan a yearly fun event. Rather than having a contest to see who could throw the furthest, we decided it would be more fun and fair for everyone (young and old) if they could just get the guitar into a dumpster.  Getting the guitar into the dumpster allows them to choose swag our vendors donate (caps, t-shirts, strings, etc. with their logos).  They also generously donate guitars, amps and pedals for the grand prize drawings we have the following Monday. Even the Humane Society donates items for the swag bins. We chose the Golden Valley Animal Humane Society because Jim and I have had (I still have 3 kitties) from the GVAHS.  They provide a great service to the community, for the animals and in education.

Patch: What makes your store different from another music store?

Morris: We offer a variety of services and are not just a guitar store. Mom and kids can feel comfortable shopping here. We are a small, mom and pop old fashion store.  Not a corporate nor a big box operation. We hire people with knowledge of the products being sold and the instruments that are being taught.  

Patch: What do you love most about Golden Valley?

Morris: If I had to relocate, I would probably choose to live in Golden Valley.  We have found the customers are very loyal, especially to the local small businesses.  The residents in Golden Valley seem to be close knit and friendly. You feel safe in Golden Valley.


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