This Season's 'Project Runway' Includes A Local Face

Fashion designer Danielle Everine grew up in Golden Valley and attended Robbinsdale Cooper.

Danielle Everine, a 26-year-old Golden Valley native, is one of 20 fashion designers on this season of "Project Runway." The show airs at 8 p.m. (CST) Thursdays on Lifetime. The first episode of the season was July 28. It will run for 14 episodes, but no season finale date has been published.

Patch decided to find out how Golden Valley and influenced Everine's current creativity.

GoldenValleyPatch: I understand you were raised in Golden Valley. What are some of your favorite memories from your childhood in Golden Valley?

Danielle Everine: I grew up at the top of the sledding hill of . I have fond memories of spending every winter afternoon riding down the hill and skating at the rink with my sister. We would be out there until our fingers and toes were numb. Overcoming Minnesota weather has had a great impact on my desire to design. 

GVP: Do members of your family still live here? What has been their response to your appearance on a national reality show?

DE: My parents still live in the same house I grew up in. (They have) always been great supporters of mine. They no longer are surprised by the leaps I take and adventures I pursue!  

GVP: You attended Robbinsdale Cooper. Did you know at that time that you wanted to become a designer?

DE: I knew I was a designer from a young age. Never satisfied by what was readily available, I learned to first sew for my dolls and then for myself. Those beginning garments weren't of the highest of quality or design, but were instrumental in my road to becoming an artist and fashion designer. 

GVP: Did you take any classes at Cooper that helped you develop your artistic talent?

DE: I spent much of my time in high school taking post-secondary courses at the technical and community college. The opportunity to do so allowed me to grow more quickly as a student, and develop my interest in the arts. 

GVP: How did the producers find you?

DE: A few local members of the press recommended me to a recruiter from the show. It wasn't even on my radar until I received an email suggesting that I apply. I thought, "Sure, what could happen?"

GVP: Talk about the pace of the show and the pressure involved.

DE: The pace of the show is insane! Not only the speed at which we must complete garments, but the lack of sleep is also a huge detriment to great design. I tried to maintain a professional air and hang on! ...

I generally incubate design ideas for quite a while before executing—designing around a central theme to form a cohesive collection. In the Project Runway world, there was no time to think or reflect, it was sew or die. 

GVP: Who are your inspirations?

DE: Always in my mind are heroines of the past, Annie Oakley, Katherine Hepburn and Virginia Woolf. These strong women has served as my moral and style icons. 

GVP: How would you describe your style?

DE: Beautiful, functional, empowering pieces that nod to my background in fine art and sculpture while displaying a sense of history, craftsmanship and whimsy. 

GVP: If someone has never tuned in to "Project Runway" before, what would you say to convince them to watch it this season?

DE: This season has and incredibly diverse cast of talented characters. There are unexpected wins and eliminations. Watch to see what Minnesota winters breed and how I am able to stand up to the tasks! 

You can find Everine's designs at Cliché, 2403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis.


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