The Fonz Shared Personal Stories at Courage Center

About 150 people gathered last week to listen to Henry Winkler speak about his mother's struggle with upper limb spasticity.

We know Henry Winkler from Happy Days as The Fonz. But last week, people got to know the actor on a much more personal level.

For an hour and a half, Winkler spoke to a crowd at Golden Valley's Courage Center about his mother's struggle with a debilitating condition called upper limb spasticity.

According to Open Arms, an awareness group, the condition causes stiffness and muscle tightness in the upper limbs of nearly 1 million Americans. Winkler spoke about treatments like Botox that, if offered years ago, could have restored his mother's self esteem.

"I've never seen anyone more generous with their time," said Ryan Hoffman, marketing and media relations specialist at Courage Center. "It meant so much to our clients."

Hoffman said that while many people with spasticity attended the event, The Fonz fans also flocked to the Courage Center.

"We've had politicians and baseball players come to see us, but in my time here I don't think we've had an actor," Hoffman said. "His presentation was fantastic."

For more information on upcoming Courage Center events, click here.


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