Local Girl Scouts Clean Up On Day of Service

Girl Scouts from Meadowbrook Elementary School, Glen Lake Elementary School and Xin Xing Academy worked to rake leaves and mark sewers during the River Valleys' Centennial Day of Service.

After Oct. 13, Golden Valley's streets were a little cleaner thanks to volunteer work around the community.

Not only was last Saturday Midy Tidy Clean-Up day, but it was also the Centennial Service Day for the Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys.

According to the Girl Scouts' website, River Valleys Girl Scouts engaged in an environmental project of enormous scale. In total, scouts prevented 20,000 pounds of phosphorus from entering bodies of water by raking and bagging leaves and grass.

About 45 Girl Scouts raked roughly 30 bags of leaves in Golden Valley's Brookview Park in order to keep organic matter from entering Minnesota's lakes and streams. Scouts also spent time labeling 50 local storm drains, reminding residents to keep the drains clear.

The majority of the girl scouts were from Meadowbrook Elementary School but students from Glen Lake Elementary School and Xin Xing Academy also participated.

While Daisies and Cadettes stayed bundled up in hats and long sleves, Golden Valley's McDonald's provided free hot chocolate to the group as they worked.

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