Hot Real Estate Spots in Golden Valley

Residential property up for sale and upcoming developments in Golden Valley.

What are some of the hot spots for residential real estate in Golden Valley? Here's a look at some of the previous housing and apartment posts. Click on the link to read the full story.

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Housing Developments Bring 750 New Apartments to Golden Valley

Hundreds of new apartments will be available in the city as developers begin construction on several housing projects in Golden Valley.

Check out some of the most expensive home sales in Golden Valley.

Plans for New Arcata Apartment Building Move Forward in Golden Valley

The new 173-unit, six story tall complex could be built near the Xenia Avenue/Golden Hills Drive intersection if final approval is received.

Million Dollar Homes for Sale In and Around Golden Valley

Check out some of the most expensive homes in and around the community.

Final Plans for Tiburon Apartments Approved

The Golden Valley City Council also adopted a resolution to create a Tax Increment Finance district that would provide funds for public infrastructure around the new apartment space.

Homes Under $55K for Sale in and Around Golden Valley

Take a look at some of the great housing deals in the community.

Five Golden Valley Homes Are Foreclosed and Auctioned

A map that offers a look at recent foreclosed homes that were auctioned off.

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