Utility Bill Spike Will Fund Road Projects in Golden Valley

Residents will see a new fee on their CenterPoint Energy bill in April.

Residents and business owners will see a spike in their utility bill in April, that’s because the city is now charging CenterPoint Energy a fee to use Golden Valley’s right of way.

Simply put, the city is charging the utility company a fee to use the roads. In turn, CenterPoint Engergy will pass that fee on to its customers.

So, what does that mean for your utility bill? Homeowners will see a flat monthly increase of two dollars. Small businesses will see a $3.50 hike, large businesses owners will pay an additional $22.50 a month and industrial businesses will have a $206 monthly increase.

These fees are expected to bring in extra revenue for the city, which the council plans to use for underfunded road projects in Golden Valley. The city has already created a list of projects that should benefit from the fee increase.

According to city documents, those projects are:

  1. Reconstruction of Zane Avenue from Golden Valley Road to Highway 55 North Frontage Road
  2. Reconstruction of Lindsay Street from Zane Avenue to Lilac Drive
  3. Reconstruction of Golden Hills Drive from Colorado Avenue to Turners Crossroad
  4. Winnetka Avenue intersection improvements from Harold Avenue to Highway 55
  5. Intersection improvements on the south side of Highway 55 at Douglas Drive
  6. Reconstruction of the intersection at Glenwood Avenue and Ottawa Avenue North
  7. Updating the existing trail and walk system to meet current Americans with Disabilities Requirements
  8. Construction of new walk and trail facilities identified on the City’s Trail and Walk Priority Map
  9. Implementation of the pavement preservation component of the Pavement Management Policy (overlays, etc.)
  10. Douglas Drive (TH 55 to Medicine Lake Road); as needed to assist with any shortfall in funding that the project may experience

The fee increase is expected to bring in about $450,000 a year for the city. While the list above includes millions of dollars in construction costs, the city council believes the funding will help improve city streets.

The fee increase was approved on Jan. 2, and will impact utility bills in April.

In 2006, the city council made a similar fee arrangement with Xcel Energy.


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